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'J Shaped' Two Level V2 Gothic Ruined Building

'J Shaped' Two Level V2 Gothic Ruined Building

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A large, 2 level V2 Gothic ruined building. Great as a centrepiece in any 28mm miniature game. The two playable levels provide great cover and a range of scenarios in games. The V2 buildings are thicker than our original ruins and slot together with clips.

It is printed at 0.2mm resolution in dark grey PLA plastic. These items come in two bits each to prevent damage while the item is being shipped. Each level is clipped together with openlock clips. You will receive the openlock clips needed.

Miniatures not included


This item is 3D printed. It may have layer lines or other small imperfections caused my the printing process.

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The ruin is 29cm long, 14cm wide and 20cm high.

Designer attribution

Sold with a commercial license from forbidden prints.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Robinson
J shaped gothic ruins

Having ordered the V1 gothic ruins in the past I knew to expect good quality, but these V2 ones are on another level.
Very chunky and sturdy and the modular system for them is fantastic, makes for much easier storage. Minimal print lines that are easily covered up by primer and look great painted up. Will be ordering more