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Bundle of Industrial Sector Vats and Walkways

Bundle of Industrial Sector Vats and Walkways

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Large bundle of 3d printed industrial sector items for use in 28mm miniature games. This is a bundle including a range of pieces we think will help you build a variety of terrain dioramas, however if you’d like more of certain pieces you see here to build your own boards, send us a message and we’re open to do custom bundles on request!

These items are made to be compatible with any similar pieces you might have. Check out the pictures or send us an email for more details.

Miniatures not included


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In this particular bundle, you get a collection of buildings, walkways and walls to build your terrain with. You get:
2 Tall vats, 10cm in diameter and 12.5cm tall.
2 Vat domes, 10cm in diameter and 6cm tall.
1 Half vat, 10cm in diameter and 7cm tall. This item come in three bits each to prevent damage while the item is being shipped. Only a small bit of superglue is needed to glue the two layers together.
Various walkways including 3 rectangular pieces, 12cm long. 6cm wide and 0.5cm thick and 2 octagon pieces, 12cm in diameter and the same thickness.
A selection of walls including a ladder connector, a tall vat wall 12.5cm tall and 15.5cm long, a T shape connector, half height wall and a dome connector, all 6 cm tall.

Designer attribution

Designs and painted photos by thingiverse user SevenUnited. Sold with commercial license.

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Kuzia
Industrial terrain is excellent.

Just received my order. The products are great. Some minor clean up required but nothing major. They are compatible with the railing from the sector mechanicus kits and necromunda zone Mortalis sets. Can’t wait to get these painted. Will post some pictures when I have some done.

Richard Sedge

Wow, I purchased this item in the hope I could supplement my other terrain. This pack is way better value and looks great. A lot of great terrain for a small price. I can't wait to paint it.