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Bundle of Sci-Fi Tech Terrain

Bundle of Sci-Fi Tech Terrain

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Sci-Fi Tech pieces for use in 28mm miniature games. With this set you can quickly turn a table into an interesting gaming environment or build an immersive Sci Fi Scape for an affordable price. This bundle is designed to be modular and durable so you can quickly create terrain scenes anywhere or use them to make detailed scenery boards. The possibilities with 3D printed terrain are endless.    

Miniatures not included


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In this bundle you receive 5 sets of tech pieces:
Two plasma turbine generators, 14cm long, 6.5cm wide and 7.5cm high.
Two Sci Fi obelisk towers, 9cm long, 7cm wide and 15cm high.
A Sci Fi tech hub, 12cm long, 10cm wide and 13cm high.
One defence tech wall, 50cm long, 4.5cm wide and 3.5cm high in its longest orientation. Made up of three wall pieces each approximately 17cm long.
A large Sci Fi Hex Bunker, 19.5cm in diameter and 4.5cm high which comes in two pieces, the bunker and the mesh, for ease of printing and durability and postage.

Designer attribution

All of these items were designed by Thingiverse user WastelandScenics. Sold with a commercial license.

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Richard D.

Wow, Super awesome looking structures.