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Huge Anphelion Base Landing Pad

Huge Anphelion Base Landing Pad

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Huge 3D Printed Landing Pad perfect for use in any 28mm miniature Wargames such as Warhammer 40k, Warmachine and more.

This massive piece will fit all ships and boards and make an amazing centre piece for all terrain and gaming boards.

You won't find a better landing pad terrain piece for boards anywhere else.

The Pad is divided into 8 sections due to size. The pieces can be assembled with glue or just easily dry fit together. 

Miniatures not included


This item is 3D printed in dark grey PLA at 0.28mm resolution. Please note it may have layer lines or other small imperfections caused by the printing process.

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This landing pad is 46cm in diameter with the landing ramp making it 57cm long in one direction.

Designer attribution

Designed by Peter of Phase3Design with a special commercial licence.

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